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Business Consulting

Committed to providing practical business advice to assist our clients manage and build their businesses.

Axis Consulting's Business Consulting Program is founded on six guiding principles that characterise successful business. We have continued to refine these over two decades, with proven results.

1. Mission/Direction

  • Defining your direction
  • Positioning your business
  • Visualising the ideal outcome

2. Communication

  • Ensuring that your clients really understand what you do
  • Motivating your business team to achieve excellence

3. Business Fulfilment Process

  • Delivering your service in an efficient consistent manner
  • Building systems that operate with precision

4. Customer Retention and New Business Strategies

  • Generating repeat business
  • Attracting new customers

5. Financial Targeting

  • Understanding key financial drivers 
  • Committing to improving key financial ratios

6. Innovation

  • Redeveloping
  • Retraining
  • Reinvesting

We understand that in a dynamic business environment, organisations must be flexible and responsive to stay competitive. Axis works with many clients on an ongoing and a project basis to assist in achieving specific results.

“In the eight years of being a client, AXIS has helped us considerably in the establishment, running and sale of our businesses.  Many people leave their accountant’s office feeling less than inspired; we on the other hand, have always felt empowered, focused and positive about our future.  In fact, we have referred both family and friends to Axis Consulting, all of whom have thanked us for having done so.”
Business Owner – Carlton Victoria